Barbell+Cardio Lower Body Workout

Combining strength training with cardio moves for a complete lower body sweat-sesh!

Leg day is easily one of my favorite days of the workout week! And once in a blue moon, you stumble upon that holy-grail workout that challenges you in all the best ways and leaves you sweaty, tired, and feeling amazing. That’s exactly how I felt recently when I created this lower body workout combining strength and cardio for a killer leg day that pushes your muscles and keeps your heart rate going! Let’s kill it, team!

This leg day workout combines barbell strength training with cardio mobility moves to engage multiple muscle groups, including quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, abdominals, and even shoulders and back. This workout is based on reps and time, so be sure to have a timer handy! Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself with the strength moves and use the cardio combos to go lighter on weight and focus on the movement to keep your heart rate up!
Remember to always warm up and cool down properly! My warm-ups on strength training days typically consist of 5-10 minutes jumping jacks+jump rope and 10-15 minutes of dynamic stretching [bear hugs, shoulder circles, leg swings, etc]. Also remember to practice safe lifting technique! Never go above your weight capability and always lift with a partner when increasing your weight or trying new moves to spot you.

The Workout: Leg Day Barbell+Cardio Mobility

All you need for this workout is a standard barbell (weight plates optional depending on fitness level) and a set of light-medium dumbbells. This workout is built around 4 mini-sets. Each mini-set contains 1 barbell strength move and 1 cardio combination move. Perform each strength move for 10 reps and each cardio combo move for :40 seconds. Complete the entire circuit 4 times for a total 30 minutes of leg busting, muscle engaging, heart pounding workout! Remember to alternate left/right sides when appropriate! [For instance, do the Side Lunge+Crunch and Crunch+Tap with your right side the first time through and then switch to your left for the second time through!]

Mini Set 1

  • Step Ups
  • Split Lunge+Kick

Mini Set 2

  • Deadlift
  • Side Lunge+Crunch

Mini Set 3

  • Alternating Lunges
  • Side to Side Hipsters

Mini Set 4

  • Back Squats
  • Crunch+Taps

Watch the video to get the flow of this workout, or follow along with these stills during your next sweat-sesh! Enjoy team!

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