Ben Nevis

A rugged peak, a wild heart, and the spirit of the highlands around every corner, Scotland's legendary Ben Nevis towers over the surrounding lochs and glens in Glen Nevis. As the tallest peak in the United Kingdom, it's a high you can't beat and an experience you'll never forget! The Trail In the ancient west… Continue reading Ben Nevis

bClear: All About Acne

July 2018 A big topic on my "blogging bucket-list" has always been to have the courage to share my struggle and journey with acne. Over the years, I've read numerous other blog posts, watched countless YouTube videos, and analyzed unbelievable before and after pictures. I always found it inspiring to read the stories of others… Continue reading bClear: All About Acne

bConfidant: A Hiker’s Inspiration

July 2, 2018 Despite a rainy start, this weekend turned out to be a beautiful, sunburnt adventure! Despite a rainy start, With the first glimpses of sunlight we'd seen in the valley for weeks, some friends and I finally planned our first hike of the season together. I really wanted to share with them one… Continue reading bConfidant: A Hiker’s Inspiration


[Alaska Grown] [Book Nerd] [Travel Dreamer] [Montana State Graduate] [2018] [Tea Drinker] [Hiking Junky] [Amateur Boxer] [Health Enthusiast!] Hi! My name's Catherine Jordan [Cat], and I'm the girl behind bFit bFearless! I am a recent graduate of Montana State University with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, and working towards a career in global health… Continue reading bIntroduced