Barbell+Cardio Lower Body Workout

Combining strength training with cardio moves for a complete lower body sweat-sesh! Leg day is easily one of my favorite days of the workout week! And once in a blue moon, you stumble upon that holy-grail workout that challenges you in all the best ways and leaves you sweaty, tired, and feeling amazing. That's exactly… Continue reading Barbell+Cardio Lower Body Workout

Full Body Fix

When you just need an all-over, everything-goes, ugly-sweat workout! Leg day and ABSSSS are great and all, but some days you just need a workout that engages everything. Challenge yourself with this full-body fix superset circuit! This combo of strength, body-weight, and cardio moves get your heart rate up and your muscles burning. Let's get… Continue reading Full Body Fix

Anatomy of a Workout

It's the same questions that have plagued fitness junkies since the beginning of time: Do I stretch before or after a workout? How important are warm-ups and cool-downs? What even is cardio?! And do I have to do it? The structure and components of your workout greatly influence the effectiveness, as well as your performance.… Continue reading Anatomy of a Workout