Ben Nevis

A rugged peak, a wild heart, and the spirit of the highlands around every corner, Scotland's legendary Ben Nevis towers over the surrounding lochs and glens in Glen Nevis. As the tallest peak in the United Kingdom, it's a high you can't beat and an experience you'll never forget! The Trail In the ancient west… Continue reading Ben Nevis

Runderful: Tips and Tricks From a Sprinter Turned (semi)Distance Runner

How do I get the most out of my runs? How can I push myself further? How do I even get off the couch and move?! If you're a runner, or thinking about starting running as part of your fitness routine, chances are you've asked yourself these questions, and countless others! As one of the… Continue reading Runderful: Tips and Tricks From a Sprinter Turned (semi)Distance Runner

Energy Bites 4 Ways

Good things come in small, delicious packages! And when those packages consist of 5 ingredients or less? That, my friends, is called winning! From the perspective of both a nutrition enthusiast and a recent poor college student, snacks like energy bites are a goldmine: minimal ingredients, cost effective, makes a generous amount -for at least… Continue reading Energy Bites 4 Ways

Barbell+Cardio Lower Body Workout

Combining strength training with cardio moves for a complete lower body sweat-sesh! Leg day is easily one of my favorite days of the workout week! And once in a blue moon, you stumble upon that holy-grail workout that challenges you in all the best ways and leaves you sweaty, tired, and feeling amazing. That's exactly… Continue reading Barbell+Cardio Lower Body Workout

Sweet Potato Black Bean Nacho Bowls

Taste of Nachos+The Ease of Meal Prep+The Satisfaction of a Savory, Healthy Meal If you've taken a peek at any of my previous food posts, you've likely noticed that I'm a big fan of sweet potatoes! They're the perfect source of healthy carbohydrates with a delicious taste that can be used for breakfast, lunch, and… Continue reading Sweet Potato Black Bean Nacho Bowls

Full Body Fix

When you just need an all-over, everything-goes, ugly-sweat workout! Leg day and ABSSSS are great and all, but some days you just need a workout that engages everything. Challenge yourself with this full-body fix superset circuit! This combo of strength, body-weight, and cardio moves get your heart rate up and your muscles burning. Let's get… Continue reading Full Body Fix