Back to Basics: Fueling Your Workout

Proteins, fats, carbs, before, after, powders, shakes: What do I eat when?! With so much pushing about supplements and the thousands of new diet plans, it’s easy to forget that our bodies are perfectly capable of being healthy and happy on their own, so long as we treat them well. Read ahead to get back… Continue reading Back to Basics: Fueling Your Workout

Yoga Flow Cool Down

It's not quite yoga, not just a cool down. Yo-Down? Cool Yoga? Alright, that's enough! It's no secret that I'm not a yogi. I don't own cute yoga tops, my mat does not have a special carrier, and when 5AM rolls around, I'm all about that "Namaste in bed," life. That being said, I love… Continue reading Yoga Flow Cool Down

Up-Beat Beatdown

There's no question about it: boxing has become one of my absolute favorite workouts. Not only does working the bag test your endurance and power, it's a great full body workout, provides a healthy outlet for negative stress, and leaves you with a sense of confidence [read: bad-assery]. Once I got over the initial excitement… Continue reading Up-Beat Beatdown

Anatomy of a Workout

It's the same questions that have plagued fitness junkies since the beginning of time: Do I stretch before or after a workout? How important are warm-ups and cool-downs? What even is cardio?! And do I have to do it? The structure and components of your workout greatly influence the effectiveness, as well as your performance.… Continue reading Anatomy of a Workout