15 Pre+Post-Workout Snacks!

Because we're all human and we all love to snack! Food is delicious. There it is; no guilt, no shame, no denying it! It can also be our body's biggest fan and supporter. The foods we eat play a major role both in our physical and mental health. While an unhealthy relationship with food can… Continue reading 15 Pre+Post-Workout Snacks!

Back to Basics: Fueling Your Workout

Proteins, fats, carbs, before, after, powders, shakes: What do I eat when?! With so much pushing about supplements and the thousands of new diet plans, it’s easy to forget that our bodies are perfectly capable of being healthy and happy on their own, so long as we treat them well. Read ahead to get back… Continue reading Back to Basics: Fueling Your Workout

Not Your Momma’s Toast

Because toast should never be served vanilla You know those mornings... When you have a terrible sweet tooth craving, but you also want to start your day off right with something healthy, but kinda want to just treat yourself? This loaded toast has been my go-to for years for that very reason! I started making… Continue reading Not Your Momma’s Toast