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From internal musings, to constant back and forth, to the words you see before you, bFit bFearless is my creative outlet for tackling life through health, wellness, fitness, and adventure. A place to share all the constant chatter running through my head during a good sweat-sesh, or while cooking something particularly delicious, or even on the trails of a new hike! In the simplest, most unpoetic way to put it, b(Squared!) aims to encourage and inspire healthy living.

So What’s in a Name?

What does b(Squared!) even mean? And more importantly, why is everything b?! 

Well, obviously, I couldn’t just pick something simple like Fitness by Cat or Alaskan Health Nerd. No, I had to drive myself crazy first; should I be cute? Edgy? Bikini yoga or tough cookie? When I stripped down to the basics, I decided my main goal was to encourage people to be fit -in every aspect- and be fearless in their pursuits. Thinking I was clever with the two b’s, I shortened this to b(squared). But, the more I thought about it, the more perfectly this concept began to form.

I’ve always believed fitness and wellness demand a multi-faceted approach. b(Squared!) provided the perfect outlet for my big 4: movement, nutrition, education, and motivation. These are expressed throughout the blog as being active, being nourished, being informed, and being anything you want.

bFit, bFearless, b(Squared!)

bFit bFearless is all about health and fitness for us regular people, about living fiercely, even when this crazy world knocks us down, to accomplish our goals. Whether that’s shaving minutes from your marathon time or conquering a new mountain, striving to run that first mile without walking or taking that first solo trip to your dream adventure.

If this sounds like you, let’s be Squares together! Here I’ll share my journey, everything from sweat-worthy workouts to skincare routines, health+wellness articles to my crazy travel dreams. Armed with a pair of running shoes and hiking boots, a good book, and just a bit of wanderlust, here we go, world!

Together, we’ll prove that being a Square isn’t always a bad thing!

The Girl Behind the Blog
Cat(herine) J.

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