Runderful: Tips and Tricks From a Sprinter Turned (semi)Distance Runner

How do I get the most out of my runs? How can I push myself further? How do I even get off the couch and move?! If you're a runner, or thinking about starting running as part of your fitness routine, chances are you've asked yourself these questions, and countless others! As one of the… Continue reading Runderful: Tips and Tricks From a Sprinter Turned (semi)Distance Runner

The Link: Food Insecurity + Chronic Health

Though my background is in kinesiology rather than nutrition, I was always fascinated by it's ties to community health during my studies at college. The topic that drew my attention most was that of the American food system and its effects on epidemiology. I was surprised to learn of the relationship between food insecurity and… Continue reading The Link: Food Insecurity + Chronic Health

The Importance of Physical Activity Part II: Benefits Galore

Welcome back, Squares! Last week we kicked off this two-part series where we discussed just what physical activity is and how much we should be moving to achieve results. Today's post will continue this topic, going into the various health benefits that can we can expect to see just from increasing our physical activity! From… Continue reading The Importance of Physical Activity Part II: Benefits Galore

The Importance of Physical Activity Part 1: How Much is Enough?

We all know physical activity is key in achieving our health and fitness goals, but how much is enough? What are the daily recommendations to realize the benefits of physical activity? Read ahead for the importance of physical activity and national recommendations from American College of Sports Medicine, Centers for Disease Control, American Heart Association,… Continue reading The Importance of Physical Activity Part 1: How Much is Enough?

Back to Basics: Fueling Your Workout

Proteins, fats, carbs, before, after, powders, shakes: What do I eat when?! With so much pushing about supplements and the thousands of new diet plans, it’s easy to forget that our bodies are perfectly capable of being healthy and happy on their own, so long as we treat them well. Read ahead to get back… Continue reading Back to Basics: Fueling Your Workout

Anatomy of a Workout

It's the same questions that have plagued fitness junkies since the beginning of time: Do I stretch before or after a workout? How important are warm-ups and cool-downs? What even is cardio?! And do I have to do it? The structure and components of your workout greatly influence the effectiveness, as well as your performance.… Continue reading Anatomy of a Workout